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Book Title   NaamaLinganushasana, Amarakosha
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Vedabramha D. Ganapathy Shastry




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Gurubala Prabodhika with commentary of Linga Bhatta, is a Telugu work on Amarakosha of Amarakavi who lived during in fourth century AD. He is said to be one of the nine gems (poets) in the court of king Vikramaditya. This Telugu book was written by one Sri Thiruvenkatacharya son of famous Telugu composer and poet Sri Talapakam Annamacharya of Andhra Pradesh, during the middle of the fifteen century (perhaps during 1450ís) Several Books on Amarakosha have been published in Indian languages and also foreign languages like Latin, English, German, Turkish, Tibetan and Chinese. Several books written in Indian Languages have simple meanings while Gurubala Probodhika is unique itself as it contains innumerable Sanskrit Grammer roots for every word, genders, references from famous Sanskrit works like, Raghuvamsha, Kumara Sambava of Kalidasa, Shishupala Vadha of Magha Kavi, Kiratarjuneeya of poet Bharavi , Naishadha charitham of Sri Harsha and other famous poets like, Bhaguri, Rabhasa etc., References are also made from several Smurtis, Natya Shastra, Jyotisha Shastra, Ayurveda Shastra etc., The Vanoushadhi varga in second chapter (kanda) gives details of various herbs and roots that are used in various treatments.

A person, who masters the kosha, would understand the literature of not only Sanskrit but also any other Indian language comfortably.

The uniqueness of this book is further enhanced by the three bimbas (one bimba for each kanda) containing about 18000 words employed in Alphabetical order together with their meanings which do not find a place in other books, which is itself a small dictionary.

A book which should be preserved in every house, by the Sanskrit Institutions, libraries and students of Sanskrit. This book was first translated in kannada language and published during 1888.

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